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Studying the Bond Between a Cat and Its Human

It took 120 hours of observing 40 cat-human pairs for scientists to conclude that the bond between the two can be similar to other human relationships. And, yes, I know that most of you who have cats—or know someone who has a cat—will not find that surprising, so let’s delve into the details. It turns […]

All This 5-Year-Old Wants To Do Is Save Street Cats

On the streets of Philadelphia, two cat lovers are doing everything they can to care for the feral cats that roam the rougher neighborhoods. Kris Papiernik and Kia Griffin are independent cat rescuers and have been for the past 10 years. And each and every time their 5-year-old nephew, Shon, visits for the weekend, he […]

Should you take your cat out on a lead?

More pet owners are taking up the trend of going for walkies with their cats, but is it good for the animals’ welfare? The RSPCA is not purr-suaded Whoever said “curiosity killed the cat” obviously never put their cat on a lead, because these days curious cats with obliging owners and Instagram accounts are going […]

How To Get A Cat To Come Out Of Hiding

Having “invisible cat” problems? Is your cat nowhere to be seen? Wondering if and how to get your cat to come out of hiding? There are many possible reasons for your cat to be out of sight. Let’s go over different situations where a cat may be hiding and see what – if anything at […]