Finding the best food for your furbaby!

Just like any parent, pet owners are faced with the daunting task of deciding what to feed their furry family members. With hundreds of choices, how do you determine which brands and formulas are most healthy? Thanks to the folks at, selecting the best food for your feline friends just got a little easier. After spending over 300 hours researching the cat food industry and digging into the science of what composes the optimal diet for cats, has put together a list of their Top 9 Cat Food Picks.

Cats have complicated dietary needs and quality ingredients are imperative to ensure they stay healthy and happy for many years to come. Many cat food formulas are composed of low quality ingredients and even dangerous chemicals. The folks at painstakingly reviewed the ingredients of over 1,700 cat food formulas and eliminated any that contained ingredients that were not of the highest quality and any that contained potentially dangerous chemicals. They also scrutinized the integrity of each manufacturer to ensure the chosen formulas represented only top notch products. Take a look at their Top 9 Cat Food Picks.